As a result of several concerted discussions surrounding our church, our community and the intricate role race plays in all of our interactions, we’ve concluded that it would be immensely helpful to engage in a church-wide/community-wide discussion about race. While we are extremely grateful for the diversity of our Redeemer family and our neighborhood we understand that cultural and racial differences can make doing life together difficult at times. We struggle to find non-offensive language to express our thoughts to each other, we are unclear about the questions we should ask and when or how or if we should ask them. Sometimes, we just trip all over ourselves as we try to sincerely connect with brothers and sisters of different races and cultural backgrounds. This panel will serve as an opportunity for our church and attendees to witness an honest conversation about race in response to their very specific questions.

Our desire is to have a panel of racially and culturally diverse yet thoughtful followers of Christ who are willing to field some questions about race and what it means to live in racial harmony with each other. The goal of our panel is to engage in difficult conversation with love for the sake of racial harmony in our interracial family.