Redeemer is a church that was birthed out of a love for our community. In 2007, under the leadership and guidance of Trinity Anglican Mission, a small group of individuals began living in the Vine City community with the simple purpose of being a neighbor. Over time, their presence in the community allowed them to build friendships, begin to understand the needs of the community, and grow in appreciation of the beauty and history of the neighborhood. 

Since 2007, more and more families, and individuals, have relocated into our community with a similar heart and mission: to know and love their neighbors. In this process, we have met and built friendships with some amazing neighbors who have called our community home for 10/20/30/40+ years! We have heard our neighbors talk with great pride about our community while also being honest about the plight our community has gone through, and the challenges that we now face. In the last 5-6 years, God has done some amazing work to build true friendships in our community that cross cultural, economic, and racial barriers.

In 2012, a small group of Christians from our community began to pray and dream about being a part of a church plant that was "in and for" our community. After being present for 5 years, it was clear that there was an opportunity to plant a church that would seek to love our neighborhood, welcome our neighbors, and share the Good News of the Gospel with our words and our actions. At that point, we had way more questions than answers (we still do!), but were hesitantly excited about moving forward. On December 16, 2012 we had our first worship gathering at a neighbor’s house and it was a beautiful night. With couches pushed against the walls, and folding chairs throughout the room, neighbors worshipped God alongside each other; we heard about the wonderful news of our Savior being born, and ate some delicious desserts afterwards! Neighbors (both new and old) wanted to come back together again soon, so we started having a worship service once a month at another neighbor’s house. 

As time progressed, the monthly church services continued to gain momentum, we secured (and renovated) a building, and launched with a weekly service on June 8th, 2014! It's been incredible to begin worshipping in our church home and dream about what God will do in and through this church for years and years to come!