We are so thankful to serve a living God who longs to hear and answer our prayers.  We’d love to invite you to be praying for Redeemer on a regular basis as an individual or as a family.  Below is a list of prayer requests:

  • That the love of Jesus would be charged through our words and our actions

  • That our communities would be transformed through the coming of God’s Kingdom

  • For our leadership team and their families

  • For continued financial support

As Redeemer grows, we hope that its impact on the community continues to grow as well.  Instead of assuming that we know all the solutions to the issues in our community, we are committed to listening to our neighbors and the Lord, while working together to help start sustainable, long-term, dignity-giving programs that help meet needs, foster friendships, and serve as opportunities to share the love of Christ.

To meet these needs, we are so thankful for the support of  folks that call Redeemer home, as well as many brothers and sisters from different churches that join in the mission through giving.  We are always grateful to connect more men and women to the vision of Redeemer through giving financially (monthly or one-time gifts). If you are interested in giving, click the button below or send checks (made out to "Redeemer Community Church") to: PO Box 92178 Atlanta, GA 30314.

We are so thankful for the men and women who are committed to praying for Redeemer, as well as those who give financially.  Every other month, we send an email out to all of our supporters to update them on what God's doing and the specific ways that they can pray.  If you're interested in receiving this email, please sign-up below!

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