February 2019 Book of the Month:


Accidental Anglican

By Bishop Todd hunter

“Martin Luther King, Jr.’s Why We Can’t Wait was written in 1963 and published in early 1964. The Civil Rights movement in the United States had achieved several notable successes in the previous months, including President John F. Kennedy’s support for a civil rights bill and the March on Washington, during which King delivered his famous “I Have a Dream” speech. However, King and his supporters had received criticism for their efforts, with some observers charging that they expected too much, while more militant activists declared that they asked for too little. Moreover, the civil rights legislation was stalled in Congress. Why We Can’t Wait, then, was a book of its time, in which King presents historical examples and ethical arguments to explain the Civil Rights movement and to exhort supporters to continue in their efforts at a crucial juncture in U.S. history. It has stood the test of time as the articulation of the concept of nonviolent resistance and its necessity in combatting social injustice.” This book also offers first hand insight into the historical plight of African Americans while offering a fresh perspective on today’s struggle for racial equality.


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