Give us this Bread
by Lily Scivique on March 11th, 2024
When Jesus speaks of Himself as the bread of life, He means that He is offering to sustain us, fill us up, support and nourish who we are and who God has made us to be.   Read More
Restless Hearts
by Ruby Bleeker on March 4th, 2024
If things around me are disordered, I am unable to rest. Something I've never considered prior to reading the collect for this week, is that the same is true of my heart. The request that our Heavenly Father will purify our disordered affections comes on the heels of acknowledging that our hearts are restless.  Read More
Powered for a Holy & Faithful Life
by Pastor Mac on February 26th, 2024
Christian living is a collaborative effort between God and His redeemed people. This isn’t a secret since every Christian experiences this daily. This isn’t a secret since every Christian experiences this daily.  Read More
The weaknesses of each of us
by David Gordon on February 14th, 2024
When Jesus was tempted three times in the wilderness by Satan, his temptations were universal: to give in to his appetites, to take unnecessary chances, and to shortcut God’s plan for immediate satisfaction. These temptations assault each of us, but they show up in different ways according to each of our weaknesses. My appetites may be different from yours, but we’re each tempted to satisfy them in ways that are sinful.  Read More
Lenten Fasting and Spiritual Reflection
by Pastor Mac on February 12th, 2024
During Lent, many Christians choose to fast as a way to acknowledge their limitations and dependence on the Lord in this fallen world. It is important to note that as Anglicans who affirm the doctrine of the five solas, we do not view Lenten fasting as a means of penance or earning forgiveness. Instead, we engage in this spiritual discipline to experience our own frailty and our need for the Savior in light of His ultimate victory.   Read More
A Posture of Humility
by Pastor Mac on January 10th, 2024
In a world filled with divisive issues and extreme positions, followers of Christ are called to align themselves with God rather than oppose Him. Humility is the posture of being aligned with God. One way we demonstrate this alignment is through how we choose to engage with fellow believers who hold different viewpoints. So, what does humility look like in these situations?  Read More