Works of Faith
by David Gordon on June 17th, 2024
God’s good isn’t always top of mind for me. When I’m distracted by my own desires, perceived needs, priorities or preferences, I tend to bypass those I see around me who could use a little bit of God’s good things. Too often I neglect to work, labor, and endure; this neglect is probably due to my lack of focus on faith, hope and love.  Read More
Quiet Confidence & Godly Peace
by Ruby Bleeker on June 10th, 2024
May we be a church filled to the brim with the quiet confidence and godly peace to serve God out of the abundance of order He has bestowed on us! Not looking back like Lot's wife out of fear, but looking forward like Mary to the order of the coming kingdom!   Read More
June 2024 || How to Know a Person
by Drew Henley on June 7th, 2024
For our inaugural book, I've chosen a text that I mentioned in a recent sermon: David Brooks' "How to Know a Person: The Art of Seeing Others Deeply and Being Deeply Seen.” When we think about Redeemer, we long for church to be a space where people are not only welcomed but earnestly sought after, known, and genuinely loved. But how do we actually do this?!?!   Read More
The Protector of All
by Caroline Kolts on June 3rd, 2024
We are wholly dependent on Him for strength each day and to be set apart for Him as holy. But the good news is: it’s not a BAD kind of dependent. It’s the only dependent relationship in this life where the one side is fully able and fully meant to hold the other side up. Praise be!  Read More
There is no "I" in Team
by Chris Sherwood on May 28th, 2024
if you are facing adversity, I pray you know that you are not alone. I pray our community would be one where we are more about the we than the me. May the Lord give us all the desire to intercede through deed and truth to each other and may the body collectivity be comforted through one another by His mighty aid.   Read More
Never Failing Support
by Ruby Bleeker on May 20th, 2024
Since Christ has already died for my repeated sins, I'm guaranteed not to fail. I'm not left to wonder if I'll ever learn to ride the bike. Which means that I can in absolute certainty declare " O Lord, you NEVER FAIL to support and govern those whom you bring up in your steadfast love and fear".  Read More
Left with Comfort
by Caroline Kolts on May 13th, 2024
This little nugget of a prayer reminds us that the God who made us knows when we need comfort. Just like the disciples, we are often left gaping mouthed at circumstances, “How can this possibly work out, Lord? How can this be good or end well or bring you glory?” In God’s kindness, he assured the disciples that they wouldn’t be without a Helper. They would “receive power when the Holy Spirit comes on you” (Acts 1:8) and be witnesses to neighbors close by and far off.   Read More
Begin with the End in Mind
by Chris Sherwood on May 6th, 2024
May that relational love that God first loved you with (ref. 1 John 4:19) enable you to live with your end in mind so you can do what you cannot do on your own - become a person of agape. And as the collect prayer says, may you “exceed all that we can desire” by abiding in His love.   Read More
Sabbath Rest
by Will McKenzie on May 6th, 2024
Rest necessitates work, but it does not require exhaustion. Setting a day aside for Sabbath does not excuse six days of unhealthy working. God rested without being tired, so it’s ok for you to rest without being tired. Yes, we are to toil for six days, but that does not mean that work is our god for six days. God is Lord of the Sabbath, and Lord of the Work Week.  Read More
A Shared Belief
by David Gordon on April 29th, 2024
This week we are praying for God to grant us the knowledge that Jesus is the way, the truth and the life. We worship and fellowship together so that we may believe and know together.  Read More
Follow where He Leads
by Margaret Dubose on April 22nd, 2024
Jesus is not a deity who makes impossible demands of his people from on high, distant and removed from the realities of worry and hardship. He is the Good Shepherd. I don’t know a ton about shepherds, but I do know that their job requires them to be with their sheep—walking the same terrain, battling the same elements, fending off the same enemies. The day-to-day life of the shepherd is intimately tied to that of the sheep. Indeed, the sheep cannot follow the shepherd if the shepherd doesn’t go there first! To me, that is a beautiful image of guidance and leadership that we get from Jesus’s role as our Good Shepherd.   Read More
Grace to Receive the Benefits
by Caroline Kolts on April 15th, 2024
As I read the Collect this week, I noticed our petition, “give us grace thankfully to receive his inestimable benefits” and realized that in the Easter season we enjoy that His celebrating heart and enduring joy do not run out like mine. His benefits cannot be contained even inside the biggest party– even if the whole world was one resounding ALLELUIA, His benefits would surpass it! So, we ask for grace to receive the benefits– to be filled up by His glory and beauty and steadfastness and grace and joy! And for what? We are filled up with His benefits so that we can “daily follow His footsteps.”  Read More